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VIAGRA (sildenafil citrate) – Brand vs Generic Alternatives Online Price Comparison

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Brief overview about Viagra

There is a short story behind Viagra invention. Two scientist of Pfizer Drug Company named Albert Wood and Peter Dunn was trying to invent a medicine for treating angina (a heart disease which results in severe pain in chest) and high blood pressure. By doing various research works they came up with a medicine which was chemically named as sidenafil citrate.

But the result which obtained was somewhat different. The intention of scientists was to dilate the blood vessels around heart, so that the heart gets adequate blood supply and also to increase the concentration of oxygen in blood. But instead of making increased blood supply in heart, the medicine helped to increase the blood supply in all body parts.

Users realized that the drug is helping them to keep their penis erected for longer time and people with erectile diseases found a solution to their problem. Thus, the drug became very popular in a short time span because many people suffering from erection problems started to use it. Finally the drug sidenafil citrate was named as Viagra and it is prescribed by physicians to treat erectile dysfunction disease.

Working mechanism of Viagra

Sidenafil citrate is taken only when it is prescribed by a doctor. This drug helps to increase the blood flow in penis, thus keeps it erect for longer time. But to feel its effect you need be sexually aroused. Researches reveled that this drug can be used to treat all types of erection related diseases. To get a proper action this medication needs to be consumed 30 to 60 minutes before having sexual intercourse, and its effect can last for up to 4 hours.

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Erectile dysfunction disease

Erectile dysfunction is a disease which affects around 50 percent men across the world. In the United States more than 30 million people are affected by this disease. Mainly it affects people whose age is above 40 years and some people face this problem due to genetic issues.

This disease occurs when the blood vessels in penis do not get dilated or amount of blood flow is reduced. Due to reduction in blood flow people face either no erection or they cannot hold the penis erected for longer time. People are advised to visit a physician it they face this type of problems.

Causes of erectile dysfunction (ED)

The main causes of ED cited by doctors include genetic problem, high cholesterol, blood pressure, and hyperglycemia. Other conditions include alcoholism, smoking, depression, and anxiety related diseases.

Erectile diseases do not only affect your life but also affects your partner’s life. Sex is an integral part of life and if people cannot enjoy it, there will be complications in a relationship. Still now many people feel awkward to speak about sexual diseases or problems. But once you start sharing your problem with a physician you will feel much more relieved and they will guide you in a proper direction.

It is estimated that more than 23 million men have consulted a physician about their problem and now they are enjoying their sexual life. But the thing is that people have to come forward about their problems without any hesitation.

Proper self assessment is also required to identify this disease. If you are facing any problem while having sex such as erection time, no erection, no sexual arousal etc. then you should go to a doctor to seek some advice on your problem, because medicines like Viagra is not suitable for all people.

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    In most of the cases doctor recommends 50 mg Viagra or they start with 25 mg of this drug. But depending on the action of a dose the doctors sets up future dosage. Sometimes the dose is increased to 100 mg or at times it may be reduced to 25 mg as per your requirement. The doctor will guide you according to requirement. Generally one tablet daily is prescribed for erectile dysfunction diseases.

    But, after consuming the drug if you have some problem or complication then immediately you should consult your physician. It is also important to consult your physician before taking Viagra because it is not suitable for everyone; it depends upon your present health condition. The medicine can be taken in both empty stomach or after meals. But consuming high fatty foods are not recommended before taking Viagra, because it slows down its absorption and gives a delayed result.

    Researchers have found out that both 100 mg and 50 mg dose of Viagra has helped more than 80 percent people with stronger erection for more time.

    First dose

    The pill should always be taken before sexual intercourse and it takes 30 to 60 minutes to get activated. But you are required to be sexually aroused to get proper result, because it does not helps in erection without being sexually aroused. The pill can also be consumed 4 hours before having sex, as there will be no effect unless you are sexually stimulated. And if the dose does not work for you for the first time then your physician may increase it.

    Viagra Side effects

    Some of the general side effects of sidenafil citrate or Viagra include nausea, headaches, upset stomach, blurred or impaired vision, runny nose, dizziness, sores on back portion, muscle sores, skin rash, and flushing. These symptoms occur within few hours after consuming the pill.

    Some people may also face some severe health issues such as irregular heartbeat, increased blood pressure, stroke, heart attack, sudden vision loss in one or both eyes, hearing problem, priapism (a condition when the penis remain erect for longer time which may also last up to 4 hours). These symptoms are severe, so people are advised to consult a physician immediately if they face any problem after taking Viagra.

    People should avoid taking Viagra if they have any of the above mentioned problems or they use any of the drugs which are listed below:

    • Allergic to PDE5 enzymes or sidenafil citrate.
    • If you use Amyl nitrite or amyl nitrate (poppers) for recreational purpose.
    • If you are in a medication which contain nitrates such as nitroglycerin.
    • Consuming guanylate cyclase stimulators like riociguat.


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Generic Viagra

Still now there is no generic Viagra available in the market. Pfizer the main manufacturer of this drug have patent till 2020. But a generic drug manufacturing company named Teva has made an agreement with Pfizer by which they can start manufacturing generic Viagra from 2017. Another company named Cialis also has a patent which will expire on 2018. Thus it is expected from 2018 many generic Viagra will come in market with relatively lower price compared to branded pills.

Viagra alternatives

There are many companies which manufacture sidenafil citrate or other ED drugs; their price is comparatively low compared to branded ones. List of some drug with active ingredient and price per pill is given below:

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Name of drug


Price per pill (in $)

CIALIS (Brand)



Viagra (brand)

sildenafil citrate






sildenafil citrate and dapoxetin


KAMAGRA (Generic)

sildenafil citrate


CENFORCE (Generic)

sildenafil citrate


Vardenafil (Generic)




sildenafil citrate in jelly form


Tadalis (Generic)



VIGORA (Generic)

sildenafil citrate


Sildenafil Professional

sildenafil citrate and fluoxetine



Slidenafil citrate bilingual tabs


SILAGRA (Generic)

sildenafil citrate


CAVERTA (Generic)

sildenafil citrate


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Viagra for women

Like men, women also face sexual diseases which include lack of sexual desire or no sexual stimulation. Few studies have revealed that around 43 percent women across the world face sexual problems. Few experts describes that problem of women are almost same as women. But drug like Viagra is not suitable for women. Other compositions like vardenafil and tadalafil are also not suitable for women and these drugs were not approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for women. But various researches are going on to find a proper Viagra like medicine for women. New researches have revealed a drug whose chemical name is flibanserin and it is sold as Addyi.

The drug Addyi (flibanserin) is recently approved by FDA and it is also known as pink Viagra. Flibanserin has shown quite good result for increasing sexual desire and sexual stimulation in women. The drug primarily was used as an antidepressant.

But Flibanserin should be completely avoided by women who consume alcohol, because it can cause severe reaction in body which may result in alcohol poisoning. Some side effects of flibanserin in women are listed below:

  • Decreased blood pressure
  • Headache
  • Loss of consciousness
  • Dizziness
  • Reddish face
  • Sleepiness
  • Stuffy nose


Buying Viagra

According to law Viagra cannot be sold in offline or online shop without a prescription. Most of the reputed stores and online shops follow this rule. But some pharmacies do not follow it and sells Viagra or it’s alike without any prescription.

Most of the people nowadays prefer buying medicines online, but there are few things which should be taken into account before making purchase are described here:

  • If you find that the online shop is agreeing to sell medicine without a valid prescription then it may not have a legal authorization to sell Viagra or other medicines.
  • Legal online medicine shops are accredited by VIPPS (Verified Internet Pharmacy Practice Sites) which makes them authorized seller of any drugs. If a shop has VIPPS then it is a legal and government approved medical shop.
  • Viagra or sildenafil citrate is available in market only in three strength viz. 25 mg, 50 mg, and 100 mg. Any strength apart from this may be an indication of duplicate or fake medicine.
  • You have to crosscheck the medical shop if they are selling generic Viagra, because generic Viagra is not still available in the market due to patent issues and generic version of this drug has not got FDA approval still now. Availability of generic Viagra is an indication of fake or unapproved medicine.

Online ordering

At present people want to order everything online because they want to save their time. Various shops provide extra discounts on bulk orders and people face no trouble while exchanging a product. Like all consumer durables now medicines can also be ordered online and the product gets delivered in your doorstep at proper time without any delay. If an online pharmacy is authenticated by VIPPS then you can upload your prescription there, and a VIPPS approved shop always provides genuine medicine.

Online ordering is a very easy process, only thing you need is a valid prescription. Some online stores also provide online prescription generating services for customers depending on your requirements. They have their own medical practitioner who looks after all these matters. The things required for online ordering are doctor’s prescription, name of doctor, and documents if you have a medicine insurance coverage.

Fake Viagra

A survey has revealed that almost 80 percent of Viagra which is sold online is duplicate or fake. Thus you have to remain extra cautious while buying this drug. All these statistics are true because reports show that sildenafil citrate is the most counterfeited drug. And online sellers find it easy to sell this kind of drug whose demand is very high, and people always try to buy them online. Profit made by selling this drug is high so many people is joining this business despite of knowing it is illegal.

If you spend money on something then you always try to get the best thing. To get proper product you need to follow some points. To get a genuine drug follow these steps:

  • Before ordering online check about VIPPS accreditation, FDA approval and local body approval.
  • Almost all reputed well established online pharmacies provide home delivery service.
  • Apart from online store the pharmacy should have a registered shop or office where you can visit if you have any problem. If a shop operates only in online then you will not be able to track them in case of any problem.


People are advised to lodge a complaint against a company in concerned local bodies if they face any trouble regarding adverse effect of medicine and drug authentication.

Advantages of home delivery

Almost all pharmacies selling Viagra online provides home delivery facility. Some of the advantages of home delivery are as follows:

  • Comfortableness:


Easy ordering can be done by sitting at your home or office without facing any queue or time loss.

  • Liberty:


Sometimes people feel awkward to buy ED medicines in regular shops. But through online ordering no one can know about your order and you can order freely any quantity without hesitation.

  • Assurance:


When a medical shop has authentication from all regulating bodies then you get an extra confidence. You are confident to get genuine medicines and all your personal details remain safe with them.

  • Offers and discounts:


People are getting more inclined towards online ordering because they do not have to pay any extra amount for delivery. Most of the companies provide free home delivery. Sometimes promotional offers like free trails, discount coupons are also available in online pharmacies.

Herbal Viagra

Many people wonder about herbal Viagra. Some herbal medicine manufactures sells sex arousal pills and claims that it would have same effect as Viagra, and these pills cause no side effects because it made from natural sources. But it is not true; there is no herbal composition for Viagra.

No herbal Viagra has been approved by the FDA till now, so you must remain cautious if any pharmacist make such claims and tells you to buy an herbal Viagra as it is same as the general Viagra. And this unapproved drug can also cause some health problems because no one is sure about its composition.  Just make it sure there is only one Viagra available throughout the world and it can only be bought if you have a valid prescription.

Natural Viagra

Although there is no herbal Viagra but there is a way to get natural Viagra. Effectiveness of this natural Viagra is not tested in any laboratory. People claim that this process worked for them and enhanced their sexual desire and power.

To get natural Viagra people used to boil watermelon juice after extracting it. The boiling is done by adding lemon juice and it is continued till half of the juice gets evaporated. Then the cooled juice is consumed to get extra sexual arousal. Experts believes that chemical components in watermelon like lycopene and citrulline helps to increase the sexual stimulation and also increases the blood flow in different body parts including penis which helps to maintain erection for people suffering with ED.

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